Floating Boatyard

Welcome to the Floating Boatyard, formerly known as LSC Boat Maintenance. We cater for all your canal boat and narrowboat repairs and boat painting needs. Come to us for full restorations and complete boat repaints as well as smaller boat repairs.  Our boat mechanics offer engine services on a call out basis. For bookings and quotes call 07886388689, or use the contact form to get in touch. Read our boat projects blog for updates on our latest projects.

The Floating Boatyard is part of the Lea and Stort Collective, a worker owned co operative with charitable focus. The company is licensed with the Canal and River Trust as Roving Traders. We operate from our workboat Perch which travels the River Lea, River Stort and London canals.

The Floating Boatyard offers affordable boat repairs and maintenance. This includes many of the services you would find at any local London marina or boatyard. We are fully public liability insured, CRT licensed and registered with HMRC and Companies House. We abide by the Brtitish Marine Federation’s terms and conditions. To our knowledge, we are the lowest priced canal boat repair service in our area.

The Floating Boatyard - Canal Boat Repair Service Greater London

London’s Floating Boatyard – Professional Canal Boat Repairs and Boat Painting Servives in the Greater London Area

Boat Painting Services:

We offer a complete professional boat painting service. Whether you want to fully repaint your narrowbboat from scratch or just to touch up and treat rust. We will have a solution tailored for your needs. Our experienced team of canal boat painters can offer a complete strip back of your vessel. We then apply rust protection, primer and undercoats and finish in a pristine gloss or raddle topcoat. We also offer budget options to touch up existing paint. This can be freshening up a topcoat or repairing scratches and rust patches.

Bilge Cleaning, Hull Repairs and Blacking 

We frequently carry out all manner of hull maintenance on narrowboats or widebeam canal barges. When blacking canal boats, we blast the old blacking off to expose the bare metal. Our team then apply a coat of rust protection before re-coating with bitumen. It is also important to maintain your hull from the inside.  Damage can occur after water ingress into the cabin bilge, as well as from coolant, oil and fuel leaks in the engine bilge. Our team have extensive experience in bilge refurbishment. We offer a fully risk assessed, environmentally safe engine bilge cleaning service. Options are either a general clean up, or a deep clean to prepare engine bilges for rust treatment and painting.

General Boat Maintenance, Stove Fitting and Welding

More general work carried out by our boat repairs team includes fitting stoves, welding works and overplating and  repairs on bilge drainage and gas lockers etc. We cover minor plumbing issues such as exchanging water pumps, in addition to water tank refurbishments and tracing leaks. Our staff are currently training to become Gas Safe registered and will then be able to offer gas plumbing repairs in the future. We offer a complete boat safety scheme compliant boat stove fitting service.

Narrowboat Towing, Engine Services and Fuel System Maintenance

We also look after your propulsion needs. Regular engine services and timely repairs will reduce costs and keep you cruising. We are fully equipped and licensed for diesel polishing and diesel tank refurbishments. Contact us if you are affected by diesel bug problems and other contamination issues. At times engine repairs can be beyond the capabilities of our small workshop. We have a list of contacts of reliable specialists and marinas whom we can put you in touch with if needed. Our workboat is capable of towing your narrowboat to their location.

Breakdowns, Canal Boat Repair Call Outs, Boat Mechanics and Engine Services

Call outs via the towpath require permission from the Canal and River Trust. Risk assessments and the correct public liability insurance have to be in place. Our boat mechanics can come to you along the towpath and at private moorings. The service is aimed at basic repairs and engine services. Larger repairs will require the use of the workshop on our boat and cant be done on a call out basis. We can only cover an area within 1 hour’s drive or less from our current mooring. Call outs are also subject to our availability.