Boat Repair Examples

The Floating Boatyard – Boat Repair Examples

Here are a few  boat repair examples of completed projects from our time repairing boats in Greater London, Essex and Hertfordshire. To find more boat repair examples carried out by us over the last years, please visit our Facebook page.

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Boat repair examples - Narrowboat painting

 Winnie May – Narrowboat Painting

Winnie May came to us for narrowboat painting, after the previous boat paint became old and tired. The owner chose a modern, understated finish which works well with the angular lines found on Springer narrowboats. Springer narrowboats have a reputation as boats always in need of repairs, however Winnie May was well maintained with no need for overplating and a pleasure to work on. We advise anyone thinking of purchasing a Springer narrowboat to get a full survey before buying, but with the right care and maintenance they can be excellent boats.


The Floating Boatyard - Boat Repair Examples - Canal Boat Painting

Boat Repair Examples – Bright Eyes

Canal Boat Painting

Bright Eyes came to use with a large amount of exterior boat repairs required. As well as a full boat painting, she needed hull blacking. The paint already on Bright Eyes was at least 10 years old, and was completely dull. When the gloss boat paint goes dull, it is no longer protecting the steel structure from corrosion as it has stopped repelling water. The previous coat had been applied professionally. Professional boat painting is less likely to flake and there was only a small amount of rust present. Once the rust was removed, we filled the pitting and sanded it flat. This step helps make the boat look as good as it had done when it was brand new.

Hull Blacking And Welding

We also carried out hull blacking on Bright Eyes.To do this we removed the majority of the old blacking, as the original layer was no longer adhering to the hull. We then applied 3 coats of Rytex, a bituminous coating. As she was out of the water, the owners asked us to carry out welding on the boat’s hull, to seal off two unused bow thruster ports.

During the boats time with us, we also assisted the clients with the boat’s electrics, as the control panel was showing signs of heat damage from faulty wiring. We also advised the clients on how to carry out bilge cleaning themselves, in the most efficient way without harming the environment.

The Floating Boatyard - Boat Repair Examples - Stove

Magpie – Boat Stove Fitting

Magpie had been stripped out to a shell and was having a full refit. As well as boat carpentry work which included building custom furniture, we carried out the boat’s stove fitting. The surround and tiling was built from scratch. The boat had welding carried out on the roof to seal the hole left by the old collar. To seal the hole on the roof, we set a new plate into the roof, and flattened the seam. Once sanded, primed and painted, the previous hole was now not visible leaving the boat looking neat.

The Floating Boatyard -Boat Repair Examples - Engine Bilge Refurbishment

Boat Repair Examples – Spindle Tree – Bilge Refurbishment

Spindle tree originally came to us for lots of boat repairs including full bilge cleaning , new stern deck drainage and bilge painting. The owner also asked us to strip the boat’s paint in preparation for her to paint herself.

The original stern deck and drainage was not fit for purpose. There was water making its way into the cabin bilge and the owner originally suspected a problem with the boat’s plumbing. Floating Boatyard fitted all new stern drainage, new steps and an extra bilge pump. After this we updated some of the boat’s electrics to make sure the bilge pumps functioned correctly.

We  replaced the wooden stern deck. Boat carpentry is a specialised trade as there are rarely straight or square edges to work from. The old wooden decking had become worn and frayed. Rain water did not run into the drainage but straight into the engine bilge. The rain water running in to the engine bilge combined with oil and diesel which had leaked from the engine. This left the engine bilge in a poor condition. We fully cleaned it, removed the old paint and rust and repainted with Teamac Bilge Paint.

Spindle Tree – Boat Paint Stripping – Boat Painting

When stripping the boat for painting, we found at least 9 layers of old paint on the boat. This meant that the boat paint stripping was hard going. The owner of the boat did not feel confident that she would be able to remove all of it properly in the right amount of time. As we are experienced boat painters, we were able to give her boat painting project the momentum it needed to get finished before the summer was over.


The Floating Boatyard - Boat Repair Examples - Coal Bunker

Laika – Steps/Coal Bunker Boat Welding

This is part of an ongoing boat repairs project to take the vessel from a stripped out shell to a fully repaired boat with a new fit out. Floating Boatyard custom welded these for the boat and they also function as coal and stove supplies storage. This is a neat addition to any boat stove fitting as it saves lots of space. They have been primed and painted in marine gloss with anti slip deck paint on the lids.

The next steps on this project will be the solar cell fitting and boat plumbing including refurbishing and painting the water tank and fitting a water pump, before installing a rebuilt boat engine and servicing it. We will also be carrying out a full interior fit out of this boat. We plan to ballast, lay floors, insulating and clad the boat. After this we will be building the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and after this build custom boat furniture.