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Narrowboat painting has continued this Spring, with the arrival of Navayana today. Navayana is a 27ft Springer Waterbug, which needs a full strip back and repaint. The cabin of this boat was painted only three years ago, but the prep work was of poor quality. As you will see in the photos below, the paint is dead and peeling off already.

She will be primed, undercoated and finished with Craftmaster marine paints.  The vessel is in poor condition with visible corrosion in need of rust treatment. The old gloss narrowboat paint is also now dull, which shows that it has degraded to a point where it is no longer repelling water and will instead trap water. This causes rust corrosion. Our professional boat painting team is itching to get going on this cute little boat.

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Narrowboat Painting Bow Cabin - Navayana Springer Waterbug

From the Bow – Narrowboat Painting Navayana

Narrowboat painting needs to be carried out on a regular schedule. In this photo you can see where the paint has failed, leading to visible rust patches. As this boat is a Springer Waterbug, it was constructed with 3mm mild steel, rather than the 4-6mm mild steel which is standard with other narrowboats. As this steel is thin, it is more important to keep it fully protected from the elements as any corrosion has a proportionally greater effect on the structural integrity of the steel. We advise that you budget for narrowboat painting to be done every 7-8 years, depending on the quality of paint used. This will minimise the need for larger boat repairs in the future.

Boat Painting Cabin Roof - Navayana Springer Waterbug.

Cabin Roof – Boat Painting Navayana

When it comes to the cabin roof, you should be carrying out narrowboat painting on a more regular basis. The cabin roof gets lots of abuse when you use the boat as a liveaboard. Storing items on the roof traps water between the item and the boat’s paint, leading to flaking and rust. It is also a high foot traffic area, with many cruisers walking along the roof while using locks. We recommend anti slip paint for the roof for all liveaboard boaters. Anti slip paint provides extra grip when navigating locks in icy winter conditions. This can make the difference between a pleasant cruise and falling in icy water.

Boat Painting Stern Deck - Navayana Springer Waterbug

View From the Stern – Boat Painting Navayana

Our professional boat painting team are less excited about tackling the stern on Navayana. The checkerplate steel used for the stern deck is excellent for the safety of the cruiser and very hardwearing but it is difficult to strip. Thankfully we have the tools and experience to do it well, but it is something for the DIY narrowboat painter to bear in mind. Again there is a lot of visible corrosion on the stern deck. This is something which we will need to remove before painting.

Since the Floating Boatyard are Roving Traders, we paint all our boats outside. For this particular project we will be using the road bridges at Stanstead Abbotts and Harlow to protect the boat from the sunlight and rain.

For bookings ring 07886388689 or message us through the contact form.


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