Rates & Prices

Here are the Floating Boatyard rates and prices. These are updated by us from time to time, so please check back again with every job you’d like to hire us for. We have not included material costs in the below prices. We supply materials at cost and can pass any trade discounts on to our clients. Our staff will always provide you with a written job sheet which will be signed by both us and you. The job sheet will give you the prices we are billing clearly, along with the payment terms and a copy of the British Marine Federation terms and conditions.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as instant bank transfers and cash.

As a worker owned co op, we take our wider social responsibility seriously. We offer a 10% discount on the Floating Boatyard’s rates (labour only) to union members and to people on income based benefits, please let us know if you qualify for either of these discounts. If you are not sure what rate your job will come under or you would like advice on your boat project, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you further.

Our boatyard rates for labour are:

Consultations and assessments are free of charge.

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

General boat repairs, Engine services, diesel polishing, electrics, plumbing, interior painting, coach painting, bilge painting, carpentry, fibreglass repairs, towing, helmsman hire and everything else £38 per hour.

Except for:

Cleaning, basic labouring as well as call out travel time £32 per hour

Engine Bilge Cleaning, Hazardous, Chemical and Welding Works £46 per hour.

Blackwater plumbing £86 per hour.

For heating related work (stoves, diesel heaters, LPG Gas, cookers) please contact our marine heating business by clicking here

Some Floating Boatyard services are priced by job  rather than by the hour and will not reflect the above Floating Boatyard rates

All other times and days carry a £18 per hour surcharge.

The Floating Boatyard is open 24hrs / 365days for emergency repair call outs. (Subject to availability)

We are CRT licensed, fully insured and HMRC registered.

The Floating Boatyard - Boatyard Rates Greater London

Boatyard rates – The Floating Boatyard’s labour rates